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More than a gallery

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Always nice to find a place that you least expect! One such place was the “Hundred Gallery” Quite a small gallery & cafe in Pearson Street, Hoxton. Over a cup of coffee it was a pleasure talking to photographer & film maker Nick JS Thompson during the last day of his exhibition  “The Decline Of Conscience” I just had to snap this place before leaving.

Comment & snap by Mitch Hicks 


Ever Changing London Skyline

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It always amazes me how quickly the skyline of London is always changing. Every time I walk past this spot on Old Street, I can’t help but gaze at the buildings  looking down at me!

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks

Seeking Foxy Leicester

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DSCF0226eSnapped in Leicester on 10th November 2015 by Mitch Hicks

Did you know this week is ~ The Leicester Literary Festival

Syd looks for Banksy but finds Clet Abrahams

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Street art is far from dead and burried. I’ve turned the tables by digging up some funny artwork by street artist Clet Abrahams and Syd from artwork snapped in the Graffik Gallery,  then blended with one I took in Kensal Green Cemetery all snapped on the 24 October 2015

Collage snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks