Saatchi to Missing Banksy

Below are snaps taken from a trip to the Saatchi Gallery on 15th February 2016. Such is the amazing amount of diverse talented female artists currently being featured under three banners in the gallery: Champagne Life ~ RevelationsXX: A Moment in Time.  I have also added a collage snap I made using the outside of the building opposite the French Embassy in knightsbridge.  Banksy recently used this building for his now missing artwork depicting his distaste for the treatment of tear gassing refugees camped around Calais. All traces of the Bansky artwork have now been removed and new hoardings plus a coat of cream paint has been added.  Rather than show you that, I have placed some of my own snaps taken during the London trip to include more artwork seen inside the Saatchi Gallery and one from Tooting.



DSCF2211eAlice Anderson

DSCF2072Jelena Bulatic

DSCF2065b Jerusalem Donkey ~  Mia Feuer ~ Champagne Life ~ Julia Wachtel

DSCF2136bMimi S

DSCF2058cAnd yes there was once a Banksy here

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks



4 Responses to “Saatchi to Missing Banksy”

  1. Fabulous snaps Spanks!

  2. Thank you my darling ~x~

  3. Nice post Mitch.I’m looking forward to seeing that show also. And a clever collage from you. Nearly had me until I read more closely. Interesting see how the tiles have also gone where the canister painting had been.

  4. Thanks for your comment Tanya… You will enjoy the Saatchi exhibition for sure.. You are correct about the tiles and every module of the Banksy spray has gone!! (No idea how I’m going to finish my tiling in the bathroom now!) can you sleuth what snap was taken in Tooting? There is also something surreal in one of my other snaps from the Saatchi that you might spot on your visit!

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