World Poetry Day


Encounter With A Vampire


My eyes closed for a short spell as I recounted the following:

Oh the howls of a cruel remorseless wind bellowing at thy brethren.

Kleptomania sweeps along a moving shadow stealing souls.

Yet for some there will be no equanimity.

Gnosticism warns of incubus.

Sounds of claymores clashing unyielding.

Alas not one ounce of compassion.

Blood flowing scented molecules abound.

The lone black figure sparkles a fang of brilliant white flashes past anomalous.

Just a shimmer of subconscious awakes.

Legs now fill with osmium.

Uncanny spirits hover above.

Intuition spells out danger.

Bilious takes a hold then ponderously stumbles.

Yowl in terror at the supernatural aura.

For a Vampire tyrannical crossed my path.

I’m reposting my poem “Encounter With A Vampire” ~ Penned in just under an hour during 2010. My normal style of writing is to use short simple words that I can spell. This poem was written as a pure excuse to stretch my comfort zone. Just digging it up again as my acknowledgement for World Poetry Day  ~ March 21st

Snap ~ Poem ~ Comment ~ Mitch Hicks


2 Responses to “World Poetry Day”

  1. One of my all time favorite snaps & poems Mitch! So well done, bravo to your discomfort zone! ~X~X~X~

  2. Thank you my darling! I remember writing this poem on a dull boring day at work with the help of a dictionary onto a scrap piece of paper picking out a list of long words I had never heard of. The fun thing was then making some sort link to them and until the last line I had no idea it would feature a vampire.. The title came last as I left the poem untitled to the end. Still not happy with the title thou! ~x~

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