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The writing is on the wall

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Artwork being painted by Ben Eine ~ Looks like the writing is on the wall for Shoreditch ~ Snapped by Mitch Hicks ~ 30th April 2016 ~Red Gallery ~ Rivington Street ~ Shoreditch ~ London


Best rant of the year!!

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Well worth clicking the link to read how some artist are being exploited.


Great to see Sean sticking his fingers up to the Ba#tards… Cheers ~ Mitch

Pipe dreams are for skaters

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Artwork by Float ~~^~~ Floats my boat

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks

Quote of the week!

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Just loved reading this tile from the fantastic large mosaic mural by Carrie Reichardt that forms part of her mosaic artwork featuring in the……. Endangered 13… A collective project of raising awareness of endangered species……… Maybe David Cameron is from the endangered truthful politicians of Homo Sapiens

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks

Endangered 13

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end1Dr Zadok ~ Faunagraphic ~ Jim Vision ~ Vibes

end2Jim Vision ~ Andy Council ~ Louis Masai ~ Carrie Reichardt

end4Fiya One ~ Louis Masai ~ Vibes ~Xenz ~ Andy Council ~ ATM

Endangered 13

Street artists combine to paint murals of endangered animals in Tower Hamlets

Endangered 13 Paint Jam In Mile End

Snapped 11th April 2016 by Mitch Hicks

Human Nature present ENDANGERED 13 ~ Painted murals on railway arches alongĀ  Aykroyd Drive, Tower Hamlets, East London. Raising awareness of endangered species.