Who painted Francis Bacon? No not Banksy!!



Another by chance discovery… I was on my way to visit Christie’s auction house to see the upcoming sale of artwork by Stik.  I noticed this unlikely mural painted in posh Kensington by Jony Midnight from June 2015.  Not untill I got home from a busy day traveling around London exploring art in Kensington, Croydon, Forest Hill and Homerton did I find out that Francis Bacon lived in this expensive mews. I also noticed that the orignal mural did not have the figure of Francis Bacon featured at all… So who added the monochrome Francis Bacon….. Has Banksy been up to his old tricks?  

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks


4 Responses to “Who painted Francis Bacon? No not Banksy!!”

  1. I think its Jeff Aerosol. I found this last year and someone told me. But I’m not 100% sure. I didn’t know who painted the skiing mural though.

  2. Looks like a possible Jeff Aerosol but lacks the red arrow? All very intriguing indeed… Many thanks for your input Tanya..

  3. Hi – we commissioned Johny Midnight to paint both for us, Vanessa (Erna Low/Erna Low Property)

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