Fellow Street Art Hunter


Sometimes hunting down street art throws up the unexpected… On my way back to Hackney Wick Station having spent the day snapping street art in East London.  I spotted the well-respected street art photographer & street art tour guide guru Dave Stuart. Always a pleasure talking to Dave and I hope he likes my snap collage of the day! Well worth checking out Dave’s websites below.



Snap & collage by Mitch Hicks



4 Responses to “Fellow Street Art Hunter”

  1. shoreditcharts Says:

    Hi Mitch, it was a pleasure to bump into you, I enjoyed our 20 minute chat. I had no idea when you surprised me that you had taken a photo, i was engrossed in the stickers, the stylish calligraphy and the surface textures. Here is the result:


  2. Hello Dave…. Many many thanks for sending over your photo. I was hoping that you would!!! I was a little worried I might have spooked you as you snapped away. Those stickers were far tooooo high for a short guy like me to capture!! Have you any background on the sticker artists? I have seen them around… Thanks again Dave and look forward to seeing you soon…. Cheers

  3. Nice catch Mitch! ~X~X~X~

  4. Thanks Lisa my darling….. Sometimes you never quite know what will be on the end of line…………….. ~x~

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