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What is existence?

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dscf2387bFinding the answer on the streets of Whitechapel

Collage snap by Mitch Hicks


Rabbit or Hare it’s still there!

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dscf3589bRabbit or Hare it’s still there!….. Belgian street artist Roa painted this lovely piece along the Hackney Road in 2009. So well-loved by the locals and street art fans alike. The local council took a different view in 2010 and demanded the owners of the wall to remove or cover it up… People power won the battle to save the artwork with over 2,000 signatures petitioned against the council having their way!!! It’s now becoming quite rare to see street art surviving so long, but Roa is such a respected artist that you can still find more of his artwork in situ years after they were painted. Weathering and mindless tagging are slowly defacing this mural, but at least it’s still making folks smile as they walk and drive past.

Snapped on the evening of 19th November 2016 & comment by Mitch Hicks

Almost Found A Lowry In Leake Street

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Wrong about the Lowry but did find a wedding couple having a jump!

Snaps taken 19th November 2016

Comment and snaps by Mitch Hicks

Postcard from trash

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Local artist Wendy Rolt drew this postcard in 2011 from the View Tube  view looking out at the building of the Olympic Stadium, Stratford, East London. I found this postcard among the trash in Hackney Wick in October 2016. By coincident I had also taken a snap of a similar view in 2011. How strange that among the scattered rubbish I spotted the card.

The postcard was found next to the trash bin marked by the black arrow I have drawn on the snap. The motto here is that not all that is thrown away is gone and forgotten for good…. I have since discovered that the artist Wendy Rolt is still painting and is the founder of  Arch 76.  A charity art project in Bethnal Green. Open to all vulnerable women of any age coping with their trauma through art.  A  peaceful safe haven drop in centre where they can feel happy to make new friends and explore art in any way that is comfortable for them. More info on the artwork of Wendy Rolt can be found on her website

Snaps and comment by Mitch Hicks

Save Yourselves

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savey3MIGHTY MO and more artwork for sale in Stour Space Gallery


 Hackney Wick (please don’t piss here)

Just a few snaps from a trip to Hackney Wick to see the “Save Yourselves” exhibition. Good to see so many street artists supporting Adia Wilde in the struggle to save the artyfarty haven of The Wick. Lots of sadness I felt in seeing the area being destroyed as I strolled around snapping away!

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks