Almost there!

dscf4946eApproaching the end of a year of a few thousand snaps and with thoughts of the many snaps I have not shown. The artwork of JXC snapped in Leake Street is one I want to share, as it shows so much emotion in such a troubled world. Quite an eventful year of travel for me, but my mind and body deeply feels the pain of decline… Not sure that I  can add much more to this blog anymore. Your support has always been so heartwarming, thanks…

May I wish you all a very happy festive safe and enjoyable countdown to the end of 2016… Quite a year in many ways…….

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks


2 Responses to “Almost there!”

  1. shoreditcharts Says:

    Hi Mitch

    Have a good Christmas, get some rest and return to the fray next year with batteries charged anew, we need your distinctive observational eye and intriguing photo mash ups. Thans for all your travel and photography updates in 2016. Dave

  2. Hello darling Mitch, you are so talented and have always been an inspiration to me! Sending you warm hugs across the pond! Wishing you a happy healthy New Year in 2017! Always your LadyHawk ❤

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