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Elvis is still hip!

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Elvis the pelvis is still hip it seems in East London. This highly clever x-ray style artwork, hand painted with spray cans by the brilliant street artist Shok-1. You can find this on the outside metal gates of the old Truman Brewery yard on Hanbury Street,  just off Brick Lane… Maybe the best street art I have seen in London so far this year!

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks


More folks in galleries

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Gallery staff in the Newport Street Gallery, Lambeth, London.

Snapped by Mitch Hicks

Quite an amazzzzzzing digital photo artist!

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Truly amazing what Josephine R. Unglaub, (better known as Lemanshots)  with her camera and digital skilled mind can capture and design. One look at her website will have you spellbound for sure…..

Quite amazzzzzzzzing….. Enjoy.…. Mitch