Street art in Iceland

Lots of nice street art can be found in Iceland including D*FACE and ELLE snapped in Reykjavik. Other artist I can credit for snapping their street art are:  AGENT FRESCO,  EVOCA 1, ULFUR ULFUR, STROK, MAMMUT, NOT DEAD YET, KIDDY DUST, UGLY BOYS…. There are many  more murals that I could not snap due to not having enough time in Iceland. Well worth a visit but be warned Iceland is a very expensive country for eating drinking and accommodation!!!

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks


4 Responses to “Street art in Iceland”

  1. Mitch – what a fab series of collaged images. Iceland’s street art is a surprising gem isn’t it. I went there 4 years ago and was completely taken by surprise by what I found (cheeky link:

  2. Many thanks Dave… Our footprints have crossed once again!! Thanks for adding your link to your trip to Iceland. I would love to see your VNA mag photos sometime. I was only in Iceland for 4 days and only allowed myself 4 hours to explore the centre of Reykjavik.. Not long enough indeed…. Lots of new taller modern buildings now going up, so the small town vibe of the capital will I feel soon be lost! Time for you to take another visit me tinks!!!!

  3. I’d love to Mitch but like you observed – damn expensive and thanks to sterling’s collapse in the past 12 months probably gone up since I was there 4 years ago

  4. Wow! You were in Iceland
    Sounds fascinating! Great snaps Mitch!!

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