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Of all the bars

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DSCF7401gThe Felons Club along the Falls Road is surly one bar that holds many secrets, sanctuary and breathes living history on the struggle for a united Ireland. Full membership is only open to those that have served the cause. Steeped in the political violence of a divided Belfast. I sensed a calm atmosphere, indeed quite a friendly one as I took my family into the bar for a drink…. The walls are adorned with many of the hunger strikers who died in prison 35 years this August. One stained glass window caught my eye as I supped my Guinness. “Generation Of Vision” brings home the long battle that may always still be there!

DSCF7390If walls could talk… Felons mens loo

DSCF7398eNelson Mandela is an honorary member of the Felons and this mural was painted a few streets away on the peace wall in West Belfast

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks


The Hidden Past

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DSCF7079dHidden away standing lonely on its own, a true survivor from the blitz that decimated this part of East London during  World War 2. The Palm Tree pub sits like an abandoned film set relic, a time capsule left alone in Mile End Park alongside the Regents Canal. Stepping thru the door of this grade two listed building will transport you to an era of that long lost atmosphere of what  proper East End boozers were all about.. Not the best pub in London, but one that should be sought out before the onslaught of the developers. A few streets away I came across another reminder of the past… The notorious East End gangsters, the Kray twins who may well have frequented The Palm Trees for a pint or two or just good old extortion!!!

DSCF7186The Kray twins ~ Great find on a wall just of Devons Road

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks

Peer for a beer

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Could I not resist the call to come and snap some beer. So to Hoxton Square I did appeeeeeer……. London Plane Ale is an Amercian crafted  4.5% ABV pale ale only available at Zigfrid von Underbelly on Hoxton Square. If you enjoy a crisp fresh hoppy zesty beer then this is one toooooo track down. I very much wish Paul Daly good luck with his delightful beer adventure!!!

Snaps & review by Mitch Hicks


Femmes in galleries

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“This week leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8th I will be posting Women related stuff.
Feel free to add to the growing poem! Snaps from my day at viewing artwork I saw from Jeff Aerosol and C215….
….Cheers to the ladies”….. Mitch

Jeff Areosol with ladies that shop and lunch
Bottles being washed for the book signing
Sad women happy femmes we love them all
A man of numbers C215 sprays and stencil paints
Stolen space a french gallery
Windows reflecting art in a passing word

Old Fart In The Wentlock Arms

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i’m not far from being that old fart in the wentlock arms
he has a book as a companion a beer as a mistress
a look of treading the boards maybe even a poet
just a moment never seen till this old fart snaps
only two beers separate our ageing path perhaps

Snaps & poem by Mitch Hicks

last leaf an artist and the pope

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next to me sat the pope and an artist

i had seen the last leaf waiting to fall

there are no poems left to write

art forever unframed

suburbia high rise melting snow

behind windows things we shall never know

Snaps and poem by Mitch Hicks

Morris not dancing

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Morris not dancing
~Snapped during The Woburn Sands Folk Festival 2012, by Mitch Hicks~