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Not all graffiti is vandalism

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Flashback to this snap I took on 24th December 2007 ~ Ben Eine painted his VANDALISM onto the Village Underground wall along Holywell Lane…


Comment & snap by Mitch Hicks


Empress Coaches

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Corbridge Cresent

Inside the yard of Empress Coaches where time stands still!

Flashing back to what I was snapping on 7th January 2016 ~ Please read the link to see the history of Empress Coaches.

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks



Not Quite Stonehenge!

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Remains of the old Beckton Gas Works ~ Snapped 28th October 2017 by Mitch Hicks ~ Another flashback  from last year!

Last call with much love barking out 2016

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I leave you my good friends out from 2016 with these snaps and wish you all a very Happy New Year ahead…..

~ Snaps & best wishes by Mitch Hicks ~

Postcard from trash

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Local artist Wendy Rolt drew this postcard in 2011 from the View Tube  view looking out at the building of the Olympic Stadium, Stratford, East London. I found this postcard among the trash in Hackney Wick in October 2016. By coincident I had also taken a snap of a similar view in 2011. How strange that among the scattered rubbish I spotted the card.

The postcard was found next to the trash bin marked by the black arrow I have drawn on the snap. The motto here is that not all that is thrown away is gone and forgotten for good…. I have since discovered that the artist Wendy Rolt is still painting and is the founder of  Arch 76.  A charity art project in Bethnal Green. Open to all vulnerable women of any age coping with their trauma through art.  A  peaceful safe haven drop in centre where they can feel happy to make new friends and explore art in any way that is comfortable for them. More info on the artwork of Wendy Rolt can be found on her website

Snaps and comment by Mitch Hicks

The Last Artist….. (meets Lao Tsu)

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The Last Artist by Allysha Webber

The above beautiful  award winning short film” The Last Artist” ~ Written, directed and produced by Allysha Webber ~ Animation & Artwork by MotionLab ~ Narrated by Francis Edwards.

Extremely captivating so please view and enjoy it yourselves as much as I did. The film led me to show you a snap I took of an iconic mural designed by Kenson Seto, and painted by Alex Li and Falk in China Town, Vancouver. The “Lao Tsu  Mural”  This lovely mural will be lost forever owing to a new  building being built onto the wall.


The mural has the written translation of  Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu ~ “It takes knowledge to understand others, but it needs a clear mind to know oneself. It takes strength to surpass others, but it requires a strong will to surpass oneself.”

Film ~ Allysha Webber ~ Comment & snap ~ Mitch Hicks

Sunset Over English Bay Vancouver

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Snapped as the autumn sun was setting over English Bay ~ Vancouver ~ Canada by Mitch Hicks ~ 2016