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Wordsearch it’s a mugs game!!

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Just had to play about in the shop causing mayhem..

Snap and comment by Mitch Hicks


Banksy or Dotmaster…….. Hmmmmm?

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One for you to ponder over????

Two snaps taken in Camden and blended by Mitch Hicks

Mona Simpson @ Gallery

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I could hardly take my eyes off her in the Saatchi Gallery as she looked at Mona Simpson by Nick Walker…. So I snapped the real Mona Simpson looking at Mona Simpson….

Arty snap by Mitch Hicks

Two Shades Of Sex

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Very shady
Legs parting for you
You turn me on
Sitting there so sweet

Snap & poem by Mitch Hicks

Keep Calm And….

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Collage snap by Mitch Hicks

Hummmmmming Bird

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Hummmmmming Bird
Snap by Mitch Hicks

A Gift from The Juice Bar!

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“Grapes Suzette”

by LadyHawk