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Not Quite Stonehenge!

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Remains of the old Beckton Gas Works ~ Snapped 28th October 2017 by Mitch Hicks ~ Another flashback  from last year!


Vopovlje Sunset

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Transfixed by the springtime Slovenian sunset

Snapped by Mitch Hicks 20th March 2017

Sunset Over English Bay Vancouver

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Snapped as the autumn sun was setting over English Bay ~ Vancouver ~ Canada by Mitch Hicks ~ 2016

Along The Aylesbury Ring

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My legs don’t carry me very well these days… Every step comes with pain, but the chance to walk a small section of the Aylesbury Ring was taken with relish at the thought of fresh air, beautiful rolling countryside set in sleepy rural Aylesbury Vale. The chance to share and capture nature,  sup a pint of real ale in a quaint village pub!! This is the England I love and cherish. Nowhere else in the world have I been that can compare to a simple treat of being able to walk..

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks ~ 10th August 2016

Whitechaple in need

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DSCF4258cSometimes when I’m walking the streets of London snapping art my knees get so stiff and the feet grow tired. Time to make my way to Whitechapel Gallery and sit in the same small room that is always showing  arty films.  I never know  what will be showing but I slip my shoes off slouch back and consume the dark room trying to make head to tail on what is being shown… I rarely stay longer than 15 minutes but it’s a great way to chill out in what is nearly always an empty space of sound and flickering images.

I mention this as on my last trip to London I snapped the head of a woman internet content moderator from an international film made by Eva & Franco Mattes in 2015. Their  artwork “Dark Content Episodes 1, 2, 3”   explores both ethical and moral issues around the web in a series of videos showing the faces and voices of internet content moderators. Very much an invisible army responsible for removing offensive material from websites… As I left the Whitechapel Gallery I walked across the road to re-snap a paste-up piece of artwork that caught my eye from the last time I saw it.. The paste-up was starting to show wear and I like that better than when I first snapped it quite new.. Not sure who the artist is but may have been by the street artist Endless.. Having reviewed my days snaps over the weekend I decided to make the headless paste-up come to life with the head of the lady snapped from the film plus another snap of a blurred background! The result is the above collage… Is it art or crap?

 Comment & collage snap by Mitch Hicks

Rural Life Nepal

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Rural Nepal snaps by Mitch Hicks ~ 2016

Ever Changing London Skyline

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It always amazes me how quickly the skyline of London is always changing. Every time I walk past this spot on Old Street, I can’t help but gaze at the buildings  looking down at me!

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks