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Hardest Pub Quiz Of The Year 2017!

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I have selected just one pub from each month of this year that I visited ~ Can you match each loo with the correct pub and name the month it was taken during 2017?

Here are the pubs ~ Captain Ridley’s Shooting Party (Bletchley) ~ The White Harte (Buckingham) ~ The Moon & Stars (Penge) ~ Brewers Arms (Lewes) ~ The Swan (Chiswick) ~ The Birds Nest (Deptford) ~ The Windermere (South Kenton) ~ The Avon Packet (Bristol) ~ The Anglers Retreat (Marsworth) ~ Rose & Crown (Charlbury) ~ Ramore Wine Bar (Portrush) Stratton Arms (Tuweston)

I will start you off by telling you that Loo L belongs to Captain Ridley’s Shooting Party and that Loo E was taken in May 2017….. Good luck with my festive quiz

Snaps and maybe the hardest quiz of the year by Mitch Hicks


Finding Snoopy in sleepy Ireland!

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Not sure just how Snoopy got here in sleepy Ireland!!! But it made me stop the car on Derryclone Road to snap him sleeping as I made my way to Bartins Bay, on the banks of Lough Neagh, Northern Ireland. Snapped  20th November 2017


Snap and comment by Mitch Hicks

Banksy on tap

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Five Banksy locations snapped in London on 30th September 2017 ~ Three around the Barbican ~ The Flower Painter in Bethnal Green ~ Phone Tap still in pristine condition can be found off Chrisp Street in Poplar. How long these and a few others in London will be on tap to freely view on the streets in situ remains to be seen!!!  


Comment & snaps by Mitch Hicks 

Clocked Punks Not Dead

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Maribor ~ Slovenia ~ 24th September 2017

Snapped by Mitch Hicks

Cheltenham Mounted Blue

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Lots of blue seen during the Cheltenham Paint Festival…. Artwork snapped here included: N4T4, Andrew Burns Colwill, Id:Iom Lemak, Peachzz, Philth, My Dog Sighs, Paul Monsters, Gnasher, Kid Crayon, SpZero, Dice 67, Peter Sheridan and a few unknown to me plus the police horse not mounted!!! (thank goodness)

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks 

Tweeting Back

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I was bound to go back to Bristol to snap the finished artwork of Irony &  Boe from their collaboration along Back Road, during the Upfest 2017 street art festival. I guess this is a kind of tweeting so a birdie tells me!


Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks

DJ Derek

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Two Bristol legends just a stones throw away came under my radar. One I was seeking out and one by pure chance. The mural above “One Love” is a tribute to a local man well-known in Bristol as DJ Derek. My pure chance discovery was painted by Serp, Deam2, Piro and Rpm on the side of a house along Richmond Avenue. I only discovered this artwork in my search for a very faded Banksy nearby under the St Andrews Street sign.  Another bonus to the left of “One Love” is a Stewy full size stencil tribute to DJ Derek. Sadly Derek went missing in 2015 and was found dead eight months later in March 2016 aged 78. The story of the ex accountant turned reggae DJ can be found on these two links.

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks