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Sea if you might swim!

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There maybe times in life that you might sit upon a fence

Times when the Mourne mountains call from yonder green

Carlingford lough calm yet secret enchants all

Warrenpoint baths once so grand leaks salty tears

Past passion drifts along with oyster tides

I fear drowning more than love you see

Swimming thoughts all  at sea


Snap & poem by Mitch Hicks

….. Sadly the outdoor swimming baths built 1908 on the beach of Warrenpoint have been  closed since 2003 and look very forlorn. There are plans to redevelop the site.


World Poetry Day

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Encounter With A Vampire


My eyes closed for a short spell as I recounted the following:

Oh the howls of a cruel remorseless wind bellowing at thy brethren.

Kleptomania sweeps along a moving shadow stealing souls.

Yet for some there will be no equanimity.

Gnosticism warns of incubus.

Sounds of claymores clashing unyielding.

Alas not one ounce of compassion.

Blood flowing scented molecules abound.

The lone black figure sparkles a fang of brilliant white flashes past anomalous.

Just a shimmer of subconscious awakes.

Legs now fill with osmium.

Uncanny spirits hover above.

Intuition spells out danger.

Bilious takes a hold then ponderously stumbles.

Yowl in terror at the supernatural aura.

For a Vampire tyrannical crossed my path.

I’m reposting my poem “Encounter With A Vampire” ~ Penned in just under an hour during 2010. My normal style of writing is to use short simple words that I can spell. This poem was written as a pure excuse to stretch my comfort zone. Just digging it up again as my acknowledgement for World Poetry Day  ~ March 21st

Snap ~ Poem ~ Comment ~ Mitch Hicks

Muddy Boots & Dogs Bollo*ks

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They say it’s the dogs bollocks

I say what about the muddy boots

Tread very carefully some say

Both have merit lets say

Snap & poem by Mitch Hicks



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Alexis Rhone Fancher  reading her explicit “Underwater” poem on the above podcast. We all have underwater thoughts from the past and like the rolling tides they come and go. Yet come sunset we can all sit above the water and lie that we don’t have a care in the world ~~~~~

For more poetry from Alexis Rhone Fancher

 Snap & comment  Mitch Hicks ~ Poem by Alexis Rhone Fancher




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my need for solitude
envelops me
i cling to it

this lover who won’t

betray me

wrapped in the arms
of my invisible friend

i feel safe
i don’t have to explain
who i am
or talk about my day
it knows my secrets


like a warm sea bath
i draw on my silent partner
who let’s me soak
in the grand

L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2009

I just adore this personal poem washed up from the past from my darling Lisa K Thayer ~ I just added the word sea and placed a snap I took of a Richard Quinnell sculpture over looking East Cliff,  Bournemouth, beside her beautiful haunting poetry.

Poem ~ L.K. Thayer ~ Sculpture ~ Richard Quinnell ~ Snap ~ Mitch Hicks

Sweeping Steps

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Sweeping steps

Awaiting letters never sent

Sweeping steps

Never sending letters most loved

Sweeping steps

Posting life away

Sweeping steps

Almost swept away in a letter

Sweeping steps

Now posting sweeping steps

Poem and snaps by Mitch Hicks  ~ Posted for National Poetry day

Looking for love

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Sometimes we all perch looking for love

Beached minds meeting calm waves as land slips away

Single grain of sand like a pixel makes up our image unseen

Out there somewhere love rides the tides

Perching like a gull awaiting awaiting 


Snap & poem by Mitch Hicks