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The Last Artist….. (meets Lao Tsu)

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The Last Artist by Allysha Webber

The above beautiful  award winning short film” The Last Artist” ~ Written, directed and produced by Allysha Webber ~ Animation & Artwork by MotionLab ~ Narrated by Francis Edwards.

Extremely captivating so please view and enjoy it yourselves as much as I did. The film led me to show you a snap I took of an iconic mural designed by Kenson Seto, and painted by Alex Li and Falk in China Town, Vancouver. The “Lao Tsu  Mural”  This lovely mural will be lost forever owing to a new  building being built onto the wall.


The mural has the written translation of  Chinese philosopher Lao Tsu ~ “It takes knowledge to understand others, but it needs a clear mind to know oneself. It takes strength to surpass others, but it requires a strong will to surpass oneself.”

Film ~ Allysha Webber ~ Comment & snap ~ Mitch Hicks


Quote of the week!

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Just loved reading this tile from the fantastic large mosaic mural by Carrie Reichardt that forms part of her mosaic artwork featuring in the……. Endangered 13… A collective project of raising awareness of endangered species……… Maybe David Cameron is from the endangered truthful politicians of Homo Sapiens

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks

Art is for poverty as it keeps other dogs rich!

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Bless the poor as they paint and sleeping dogs lie like a politician!

Snaps and quote by Mitch Hicks 


Meeting Myriam JC Preston

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Collage snap by Mitch Hicks

Myriam JC Preston an amazzzing photographer I was lucky to meet!

It’s not just the gallery were you find art, try looking in the back streets!

Getting art into my head from off the streets!

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“I walk the streets mindless at what I shall find
So much what I snap is music flowing thru my mind”

Snap & quote by Mitch Hicks

Binley Wood

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“When I fall from grace
let it be with bluebells in my face”

Snaps & quote by Mitch Hicks

Wellcome to the loo

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Wellcome to the loo
Snapped inside the Wellcome Foundation, London, by Mitch Hicks.

Arty quotes by Marc Chagall.