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Soup of the day

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I’m walking down Clerkenwell Road.

What is the soup of the day?

Maybe lots of clerks eat here? Eerrr well..

Flaming hell secret hand shakes and spying going on!

Do you think he is Tony?… I see he like to write on things.

There must be endless famous people around here. 

Soup of the day in a room of hungry looks.

I bet David Robilliard never ate here.

If you want to try soup of the day….

Keep tomorrow free!

Poem and snaps by Mitch Hicks

If you want to see an exhibition of paintings by David Robilliard then pop along to the ICA Gallery to see his ” The Yes No Quality of Dreams” showing on the upper gallery untill 15 June 20014.






Femmes in galleries

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“This week leading up to International Women’s Day on March 8th I will be posting Women related stuff.
Feel free to add to the growing poem! Snaps from my day at viewing artwork I saw from Jeff Aerosol and C215….
….Cheers to the ladies”….. Mitch

Jeff Areosol with ladies that shop and lunch
Bottles being washed for the book signing
Sad women happy femmes we love them all
A man of numbers C215 sprays and stencil paints
Stolen space a french gallery
Windows reflecting art in a passing word

Guilty pleasures on the streets of Spitalfields

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I’m having pleasure with my secondhand retro looking camera a Fuji X20. I’m a bit slow on the uptake with all the settings but hope in time to master some of them… So off I went on Saturday to London to snap away! My main task was to vistit the Shok-1 exhibition at “Pictures On Walls”, 46-48 Commercial Street. It’s only on untill the 19th December so had to get along to see such amazzzzing X-Ray style art from the street artist Shok-1.

Just before I got there I climbed up onto the roof of a building in the graveyard next to Christ Church, Spitalfields to snap what was left of “Guilty Pleasures” painted by D*Face a couple of weeks ago.

Quite a story getting home as all the trains leaving Euston had been cancelled due to somebody being hit by a train.

Snaps by Mitch Hicks

Meeting Myriam JC Preston

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Collage snap by Mitch Hicks

Myriam JC Preston an amazzzing photographer I was lucky to meet!

It’s not just the gallery were you find art, try looking in the back streets!

Who stole this Banksy?

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“I snapped this Banksy last year but now it’s turned up in the U.S.A ~ having been stolen from it’s wall in Wood Green, London.”…. Mitch

Shrewsbury such a magic place!

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Snapped in Shrewsbury along the River Severn by Mitch Hicks

Rugby Off the wall ()

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Snapped in Rugby by Mitch Hicks
() Birthplace of the game played with an odd shaped ball ()