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International Women’s Day ~ Featuring ~ ONESLUTRIOT ~

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Faced with the choice of buying the Vagina Manual or the T-Shirt…. Yours truly plumped for the latter! The story behind this was from a one night pop-up exhibition of art and music put on by the good folks of “Random Artists” & Tasteneon at the Swordtail Studios, Haggerston, London. Gutsy stuff on show and even thou my visit was short, always a pleasure to feel the vibe!!!! So let me feature one of the female artists Sierra Wepla (ONESLUTRIOT) as my tribute to International Woman’s Day… Take a peek at her website if you dare!!!!

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks


Street art in Iceland

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Lots of nice street art can be found in Iceland including D*FACE and ELLE snapped in Reykjavik. Other artist I can credit for snapping their street art are:  AGENT FRESCO,  EVOCA 1, ULFUR ULFUR, STROK, MAMMUT, NOT DEAD YET, KIDDY DUST, UGLY BOYS…. There are many  more murals that I could not snap due to not having enough time in Iceland. Well worth a visit but be warned Iceland is a very expensive country for eating drinking and accommodation!!!

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks

What is existence?

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dscf2387bFinding the answer on the streets of Whitechapel

Collage snap by Mitch Hicks

Fellow Street Art Hunter

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Sometimes hunting down street art throws up the unexpected… On my way back to Hackney Wick Station having spent the day snapping street art in East London.  I spotted the well-respected street art photographer & street art tour guide guru Dave Stuart. Always a pleasure talking to Dave and I hope he likes my snap collage of the day! Well worth checking out Dave’s websites below.

Snap & collage by Mitch Hicks


Apart from Tito

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dscf1789eApart from Tito above…… Only one of the four photos below that I took in Velenje, Slovenia have not been collaged. Can you guess the odd one out?

velenje1Mens loo inside the Lucifer Cafe.

Not your average street sign.

Tito would not be amused at this subway in town.

Marshal Tito Square.

Snaps taken on October 21st 2016 by Mitch Hicks

Freely they stood waving away 2015

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DSCF1039Anna Laurini ~ Soho

DSCF1029bOliver Switch mural in UV paint ~  Camden High Street

DSCF1043eMr Cenz ~ Soho

DSCF0999eMexican street artist collaboration from Libre Hem & Acaro ~ Camden

DSCF0920eGraffiti Sticker that sums up the year maybe!

Just wanted to share a couple of snaps taken in London on News Years Eve. Thanks to all you nice folks that have peeked into my blog over the year…. Wishing you all good health & fortune in 2016… Cheers… Mitch 

Lots to shout about at the Hackney Wicked Arts Festival!

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