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Clocked Punks Not Dead

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Maribor ~ Slovenia ~ 24th September 2017

Snapped by Mitch Hicks


Almost there!

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dscf4946eApproaching the end of a year of a few thousand snaps and with thoughts of the many snaps I have not shown. The artwork of JXC snapped in Leake Street is one I want to share, as it shows so much emotion in such a troubled world. Quite an eventful year of travel for me, but my mind and body deeply feels the pain of decline… Not sure that I  can add much more to this blog anymore. Your support has always been so heartwarming, thanks…

May I wish you all a very happy festive safe and enjoyable countdown to the end of 2016… Quite a year in many ways…….

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks

Marrakech Barber

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DSCF5695 (2)

Marrakech Barber snapped by Mitch Hicks 17th May 2016

East End Snaps

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Snaps by Mitch Hicks

Not quite Banksy on a rainy day!

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The above snap was taken on 13th  August 2015,  from the artwork of James Oliver I saw on display outside the closed Rise Gallery on a rainy day in Croydon. I was so gutted not to see the Banksy exhibition that was showing in the Rise Gallery that should have been open! Not sure why it was closed on the day of my visit…… But on a plus side I did get to see the funny surreal art of James Oliver screwed onto the outside wall of the gallery. Just what would Claude Monet make of this???? For more info on the art of James Oliver and the Rise Gallery click:

Snaps and comment by Mitch Hicks


Talking rubbish on the telephone

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A rubbish snap by Mitch Hicks

The Rockies

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 The Rockies & Lake Louise snapped by Mitch Hicks