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Vopovlje Sunset

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Transfixed by the springtime Slovenian sunset

Snapped by Mitch Hicks 20th March 2017


Banksy reaching new heights

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DSCF9030eA one in a million chance that I stopped my car almost at the top of the Cheddar Gorge to get out and stretch my legs with a short scramble up the side of the rock face only to find the fading weathered words of a Banksy stencil “This is not a photo opportunity”. Also just below where I was standing, I saw two women climbing the rock face. I have blended a snap of one of the ladies with the Banksy snap to make this image…. Not tooooooo cheesy I hope…… And how did Banksy know I would one day bring my camera to this very spot?

Snap collage & comment by Mitch Hicks

Along The Aylesbury Ring

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My legs don’t carry me very well these days… Every step comes with pain, but the chance to walk a small section of the Aylesbury Ring was taken with relish at the thought of fresh air, beautiful rolling countryside set in sleepy rural Aylesbury Vale. The chance to share and capture nature,  sup a pint of real ale in a quaint village pub!! This is the England I love and cherish. Nowhere else in the world have I been that can compare to a simple treat of being able to walk..

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks ~ 10th August 2016

Getting art into my head from off the streets!

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“I walk the streets mindless at what I shall find
So much what I snap is music flowing thru my mind”

Snap & quote by Mitch Hicks

Binley Wood

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“When I fall from grace
let it be with bluebells in my face”

Snaps & quote by Mitch Hicks

Terrace Along The Pennine Way

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Terrace Along The Pennine Way

Snapped along the Penine Way by Mitch Hicks

Fading Clown ~ Snap & Poem by Mitch Hicks

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Fading Clown ~ Snap & Poem Mitch Hicks

A clown fades
I know that look
An audience of weeds
Bricks silently applaud
This hidden image unseen
No laughter for a fading clown
Undergrowth footsteps enrol me
Camera in hand ticket for last show
Remember this fading face with care
Tomorrow it’s the one that you shall wear