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Oooh la la thru the window!

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I made this collage using three snaps I took…. Two featured the artwork of the charming engaging French artist Laurence Cammas. The third snap was taken outside the Make Space Studios…. Laurence kindly sat by the window so I could snap her next to the sexy Oooh la la artwork she painted inside her studio.  Her oriental portrait painting looking thru the window was snapped from the corridor as I looked back into the artists doorway on my way out!  The next day I blended and cropped the images to make what you now see…..  It was a great pleasure to hear from Laurence by email that she has posted this image onto her Instagram.

Comment and collage snap featuring artwork from Laurence Cammas by Mitch Hicks


Kamnik makes me remember

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I remember looking at all those old photos in bygone travel books

Never did I think that one day I would  snap some of my own

Inside atmospheric buildings to streets steeped in history

Views from castles and shop windows that intrigue

I leave you in Kamnik with snippets to enjoy!


Snaps & thoughts from the Slovenian town of Kamnik by Mitch Hicks




Arty Ladies

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Miss Van




Nice People in The Vintage Emporium


Lily Mixe


Snapped  May 2014 by Mitch Hicks

Sooooooooo much going on in one day and lots more still in the can!

Soup of the day

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I’m walking down Clerkenwell Road.

What is the soup of the day?

Maybe lots of clerks eat here? Eerrr well..

Flaming hell secret hand shakes and spying going on!

Do you think he is Tony?… I see he like to write on things.

There must be endless famous people around here. 

Soup of the day in a room of hungry looks.

I bet David Robilliard never ate here.

If you want to try soup of the day….

Keep tomorrow free!

Poem and snaps by Mitch Hicks

If you want to see an exhibition of paintings by David Robilliard then pop along to the ICA Gallery to see his ” The Yes No Quality of Dreams” showing on the upper gallery untill 15 June 20014.






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I love the artwork of Rone.. So it was a pleasure to play around with his artwork with my camera and make this collage based on his current  “Wallflower” exhibition at the Stolen Space Gallery, London.  I have used a snap I took last year  from Rone’s  mural painted high inside the Leonard Street car park as my backdrop.

Please use links below to admire more of his artwork… Enjoy…. Mitch






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Nero ~ The collaborative exhibition of two street artist ~ Benjamin Murphy ~ Millo ~ Now showing at Hoxton Gallery until 30th December 2013 ~ ~

Snaps with edits from the exhibition by Mitch Hicks

Pete’s Cafe

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Pete’s Cafe..If you were passing by would you go in..? No I did not think you would. Maybe the metal security grill put you off. Or was it the abandoned kitchen sink next door? So what did I do? Well I was dying to go to the loo, hungry and needed a cup of tea.Too early for a beer in a pub so yes I went in. Deep down I new this type of cafe was what we in England call a greasy spoon cafe that is no longer the norm in our changing towns and cities. I’m not one for a fry up as a rule, but thought lets try the bacon, egg and chips and wash it down with a mug of tea.
I remember sitting down in a plastic chair looking at all the stuff on the walls and thinking I’m glad I paid a visit as this cafe will be long gone in a year or two at best. As for the food it was not great. There was no loo on site to use. Would I recommend this place? Not as a cafe in my top ten that’s for sure, but maybe as a place that if you had walked past you might have thought you would have loved to have been brave enough to have gone in. As for Pete……. Well make your own mind up on what he was thinking!!!

My thoughts and snaps taken in Battersea by Mitch Hicks