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Old Hooky

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Old Hooky

Driving home from work
Diverting thoughts drawn to stop
Roaring log fire greets
Spying canal thru window
Old Hooky on tap
Just me and Hooky
Locals chatter
Time out from life
Sipping beer I ponder
Jusy my thoughts as company
Only you now share this moment
Leaving with cheers
Goodbye fears

Snap & poem by Mitch Hicks


Two Beers ~ Snap & Poem by Mitch Hicks

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Two Beers
two beers like yin and yang
hops malt barley it all began
taste but pleasure
enjoy your measure
two beers

The World New Order is……….

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The world New Order is.....................

Made me smile seeing this....Snapped by Mitch Hicks

“Brunch After Ping Pong”

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Mitch Hicks – U. K.

© 2010

“That Small Bar In The Corner”

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“There is that small corner in the bar from yesteryear
A dusty old crate sits with empty bottles of wine and beer
Hanging with silk bow so neatly tied a hand brush smiles
Flowers past their best yet folks come and sit from miles
Our life is just a daily menu placed upon the table top
Enjoy your fetish tipple of fruit juice alcohol or pop
We all have a corner of the past we keep in our mind
Sometimes it’s hard to share and maybe that is unkind “
Mitch Hicks – U.K.
All Rights Reserved

© 2010


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I can

I can
I can
But can you
© 2010