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“His Mermaid Dame” dedicated to Spanks (Happy Valentines early!)

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surrender inhibitions to the wind
my enigmatic lover coos
melting sealing wax on envelopes
what does one have to lose

a petal pusher of fine silk
quilting threads once quite bare
a blushing grape, a winery
squeezing all my wicked wares

he’s my tailor and my sailor
my ship and anchor too
I’ll set sail at once upon the sea
his mermaid dame to woo

a passion play of trickery
plunging into deep desires
bathing luxury of wryest wit
and red hot molten fires

be gone the dowdiness of blue
a shade I no longer care to wear
a citrus orange or tangerine
perhaps they’ll stop and stare

my reflection is a shining star
jumping off the pearly moon
gliding across the milky way
whistling a snappy tune

no longer in a sea of glib
a rainbow coat I’ll knit
if I can be your ever last
and you can be my grit

for lovers on a ship set sail
in passions murky waters
we’ll be on course for ever more
creating sons and daughters

L. K. Thayer

© 2010


birds of prey…

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I’m flying in for the games Spanks!!! (I wish…)

London’s Calling…

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L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010

Spank’s Poem (salt stain)

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washed up from far away

driftwood tangled in seaweed

salt stained impressed smooth grains

beachcomber searching searching

making love with every step you take

rolling waves cry out my name

pick me up share your fame

Snap by L. K. Thayer

Poem by Mitch Hicks

© 2010

~ ~ ~ waiving your flag ~ ~ ~

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“burning fruit, man on top, aching sun”

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Burning fruit, man on top, aching sun
Dark aroma of  bittersweet, crash of sea and stars
What magic do you hold inside your timber?
What amorous light surrounds me with your glance?
Oh, infatuation is a tunnel of twists and turns
Through smothering vapors, cutting switches for foreplay
Love is a mischievous temptress
And two bodies on fire with a sulfur spark
Kissing and licking I devour your beast
Your stanzas, your sea foam, your effervescence
And pulsating poetry, throbbing with wit and flair
Caressing my thighs, warming my fire place
You harden at the sight of my name
We ponder on, into infinity

(For Spanks)

By Ladyhawk

© 2010

“Ebb and Flow” by Mitch Hicks

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Take your lady in hand and plunder the treasure

like waves splashing the outcrop rocks

feel the foaming swirl of the deep shimmering water

you can make the currents calm as you play on the beach

soaking the sun rays over your outstretched thighs

salty seaweed slapping your buttocks

grit in your toes and a damp feeling of contentment

running thru your body

as your fluids mix with an out going tide

Ebb and Flow my darling

ebb and flow

Mitch Hicks

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010