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Boom for Real or The Road To Barriga..?

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Yours truly went along to see two exhibitions on Saturday 2nd December 2017 ~ One of these exhibitions was free and the other had an entrance fee ~ Both were in London ~ The question I ask, is art sometimes all hype and no substance?  ~ What did I get out of seeing both of these exhibitions? ~ Well a nice glass of wine and a chat with the artist at one and overkill at the other! ~ Jean-Michel Basquiat was showing at the iconic Barbican “Boom for Real” ~ Meanwhile down in deepest Peckham at the Copeland Gallery,  Tom Leamon was showing “The Road To Barriga”. Tom’s exhibition is only running until the 7th December.  Life is full of choices so always try to select well….    

Comment & Collage by Mitch Hicks


Banksy on tap

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Five Banksy locations snapped in London on 30th September 2017 ~ Three around the Barbican ~ The Flower Painter in Bethnal Green ~ Phone Tap still in pristine condition can be found off Chrisp Street in Poplar. How long these and a few others in London will be on tap to freely view on the streets in situ remains to be seen!!!  


Comment & snaps by Mitch Hicks 

Check this one out mate!

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Work in progress from street artist Trafik along Pedley Street, off Brick Lane. Looks like this is going to be a real a stunner… Nice guy Trafik, he gave me a chocolate as I was snapping him with roller in hand painting the white squares. 

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks

Last call with much love barking out 2016

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I leave you my good friends out from 2016 with these snaps and wish you all a very Happy New Year ahead…..

~ Snaps & best wishes by Mitch Hicks ~

What is existence?

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dscf2387bFinding the answer on the streets of Whitechapel

Collage snap by Mitch Hicks

Got my fix on Union Street

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the fix

On a chance discovery of  Union Street… I found street art, theatre and a breakfast stop.. Alas the tiny fringe  Union Theatre was closing this week only to be re-located across the road.. The first production  opens on the 13th July 2016. “The Fix”… Looks like it’s going to be a sell out show, so get your fix now and be part of the new history of this quirky fringe theatre in Southwark, London! Please click on the  film link to see the plight of hard-working folks being unfairly displaced..,_London

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks

Ever Changing London Skyline

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It always amazes me how quickly the skyline of London is always changing. Every time I walk past this spot on Old Street, I can’t help but gaze at the buildings  looking down at me!

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks