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Saatchi to Missing Banksy

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Below are snaps taken from a trip to the Saatchi Gallery on 15th February 2016. Such is the amazing amount of diverse talented female artists currently being featured under three banners in the gallery: Champagne Life ~ RevelationsXX: A Moment in Time.  I have also added a collage snap I made using the outside of the building opposite the French Embassy in knightsbridge.  Banksy recently used this building for his now missing artwork depicting his distaste for the treatment of tear gassing refugees camped around Calais. All traces of the Bansky artwork have now been removed and new hoardings plus a coat of cream paint has been added.  Rather than show you that, I have placed some of my own snaps taken during the London trip to include more artwork seen inside the Saatchi Gallery and one from Tooting.



DSCF2211eAlice Anderson

DSCF2072Jelena Bulatic

DSCF2065b Jerusalem Donkey ~  Mia Feuer ~ Champagne Life ~ Julia Wachtel

DSCF2136bMimi S

DSCF2058cAnd yes there was once a Banksy here

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks




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my need for solitude
envelops me
i cling to it

this lover who won’t

betray me

wrapped in the arms
of my invisible friend

i feel safe
i don’t have to explain
who i am
or talk about my day
it knows my secrets


like a warm sea bath
i draw on my silent partner
who let’s me soak
in the grand

L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2009

I just adore this personal poem washed up from the past from my darling Lisa K Thayer ~ I just added the word sea and placed a snap I took of a Richard Quinnell sculpture over looking East Cliff,  Bournemouth, beside her beautiful haunting poetry.

Poem ~ L.K. Thayer ~ Sculpture ~ Richard Quinnell ~ Snap ~ Mitch Hicks

Cityzen Kane

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Many thanks to the generosity of Cityzen Kane who gave my daughter a sculpture called Alien Head2 signed and dated 2012 on the back. Cityzen Kane has placed many sculptures around London in his unique style of street artwork.

Snapped in Shoreditch by Mitch Hicks

Acceptance of Art & Poetry Fused

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Acceptance of Art & Poetry Fused
Once found it speaks to you
There is a soothing voice a touch, a sense of belonging
Uncertainty of yesterday entwined with passion grace and light
Illuminates your every breath when you find it
Bed covers slip down from over your head
Your feet snuggle into shoes that once didn’t fit
Walking forever a new grip on earth beneath your feet
A warm shawl wrapped around shadows of doubt, fear and disbelief
Strolling with a saunter, strutting thru doors once locked tight
Open windows forever hammered shut
Peep through curtains tasting fine views for the very first time
When it comes to you, welcome it like a new hat
Answer with love and embrace it
Enjoy that magic carpet ride shedding all unwanted fears
Riding waves of fortune your joy ride home cast all tears

I have used an edit of “Acceptance” Poem by Lisa Thayer and snaps I took of artwork on show in Milton Keynes Shopping Centre, Robert Koenig, Philip Jackson and Kemefinc…..Mitch Hicks

Bletchley Park

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Bletchley Park
Snapped by Mitch Hicks

The Cave

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The Cave
Heather Peak and Ivan Morison may well have created the worst sculpture in Milton Keynes
Snap by Mitch Hicks

Life On Tape

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Life On Tape
Sculpture, Poem & Snap by Mitch Hicks

Maybe you are a C90

Singing your B side

Dreams being chewed up

Fast forward, rewind, record and stop

Now just becoming old hat technology

Remember us as not fruitless old fools

One day please replay our magnetic life spools