Hello to ween

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Spooky stuff snapped and collaged in East London by Mitch Hicks

As the sun slips away

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“~~~My life is in early autumn….. Not sure I want to see winter out~~~

Snap & quote by Mitch Hicks

Kamnik makes me remember

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I remember looking at all those old photos in bygone travel books

Never did I think that one day I would  snap some of my own

Inside atmospheric buildings to streets steeped in history

Views from castles and shop windows that intrigue

I leave you in Kamnik with snippets to enjoy!


Snaps & thoughts from the Slovenian town of Kamnik by Mitch Hicks




National Poetry Day

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Sod it!… Bloody hell!!!!

Lots more swear words # ***&***~~~~#+###

Remember the day yes remember

Poets need more than one efffffffing day a year

Remember that as you grab the last loo paper from the wall

I write not to order but like when the need is toooooo much to keep in

Again we are back in the loo 

I don’t want to write deep down in a coal mine or as a monster

But thoughts of a lusty woman in a hat and I’m all ink…


Poem and collage made from snaps I took in Berkhampstead today 2nd October (National Poetry Day). Rummaging around the town I found unsigned art, unloved in dusty old shops waiting for my camera to add life once more. Yet it was sad not to take any home. But their spirit now captured alive for ever more ….. Mitch




Arty Thursday ~ Who’s Shooting Who?

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Parlee ~ Ayton Road, Brixton


Eelus ~ Hanbury Street.


Luke Cornish ~ ‘Louder than Words’ ~ Exhibition ~ StolenSpace Gallery


Vhils ~ Middleton Road, Bethnal Green


Christiaan Nagel ~ ‘The Fi of the Underground’  ~ Hoxton Gallery


I snapped this inside and outside the Doomed Gallery ~ Dalston

Sooooooooooo much going on it’s seems on arty Thursday in London. Sorry I had no space to feature  the Vaults Gallery hidden inside Leake Street tunnel.  I enjoyed my tea and biscuit thou and  looking at the artwork of Keira Rathbone based on Typewriter  art ~ ‘The Brink’ ~ showing till 23rd August.  

Snaps taken 7th August by Mitch Hicks

Welcome To The Wick

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I want to write a symphony but I can’t write music

Maybe I can do it on camera

Layers yes layers of sound I lay down in snaps

No strings just walls, a tap above an unseen sink

From Hackney Wick the score is shot

I thank the Wick for a welcome chance to write my symphony 

Music… a collage and that sounds good to me


 Collage and poem by Mitch Hicks


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Rafael Gomezbarros ~ Saatchi Gallery


A young lady admiring the artwork of Alo ~ Saatchi Gallery


Lisa Anne Auerbach ~ Saatchi Gallery


Richard Wilson ~ Saatchi Gallery


Vincent Michea ~ Saatchi Gallery


Banksy out shopping ~ London


Run ~ Hang Up Gallery


Otto Schade ~ Well Hung Gallery


Hackney Wicked Art Festival Events Guide


Hackney Wick Artist ~ Adrian Navarro Showing  Golden Space


Random Artwork ~ White Post Lane


Graffiti Artist Showing Her Work ~ Hackney Wick


Pablo Delgado ~ Hackney Wick

All snaps taken by Mich Hicks ~ Friday 1st August 2014 in London.

From the Saatchi Gallery to Hackney Wicked Art Festival and stuff inbetween. I don’t have the space left on my blog to show you anymore from a long day of trekkkkkkkking around London searching out art in it’s many forms! I met some lovey folks and have a can full of snaps….. Enjoy……. Mitch  

For better cover on the Hackney Wicked Arts Festival take a peek at this great blog!











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