What I Saw @ Night On My Mind

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night on my mind 

trains without names rumble overhead

mental ills light up the night

because i am nobody

you can not put arms around a memory



~Poem & snaps by Mitch Hicks~

~Inspired by the exhibition ” Night On My Mind~






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like an old unused camera

forgotten face on peeling paint

fused entwined snap 

life is like a roll of film waiting to be developed 

Poem and snap by Mitch Hicks

What links these?

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South Acton Estate


Painting by Kevin Cronin “Small Talk”

Bus number 440 links both these snaps from the South Acton Estate to Acton High Street, where in the Red Lion & Pineapple pub I saw the intriguing painting “Small Talk” by Kevin Cronin. The painting was on sale alongside another one. http://www.getwestlondon.co.uk/news/local-news/meet-acton-political-artist-who-7897396

Snaps taken by Mitch Hicks 17th November 2014





Stik in action (Acton)

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Soooooo pleased to have met Stik in Acton! His largest artwork to date “Big Mother” seen being painted on the side of Charles Hocking House in South Acton, is a whopping 38.2 meters high! http://londonist.com/2014/11/stik-paints-worlds-tallest-street-artwork.php  http://stik.org/news.html

Snapped by Mitch Hicks 17th November 2014

As the sun slips away

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“~~~My life is in early autumn….. Not sure I want to see winter out~~~

Snap & quote by Mitch Hicks

Kamnik makes me remember

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I remember looking at all those old photos in bygone travel books

Never did I think that one day I would  snap some of my own

Inside atmospheric buildings to streets steeped in history

Views from castles and shop windows that intrigue

I leave you in Kamnik with snippets to enjoy!


Snaps & thoughts from the Slovenian town of Kamnik by Mitch Hicks




National Poetry Day

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Sod it!… Bloody hell!!!!

Lots more swear words # ***&***~~~~#+###

Remember the day yes remember

Poets need more than one efffffffing day a year

Remember that as you grab the last loo paper from the wall

I write not to order but like when the need is toooooo much to keep in

Again we are back in the loo 

I don’t want to write deep down in a coal mine or as a monster

But thoughts of a lusty woman in a hat and I’m all ink…


Poem and collage made from snaps I took in Berkhampstead today 2nd October (National Poetry Day). Rummaging around the town I found unsigned art, unloved in dusty old shops waiting for my camera to add life once more. Yet it was sad not to take any home. But their spirit now captured alive for ever more ….. Mitch





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