Vancouver Street Art

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Street Art snapped in Vancouver by Mitch Hicks

Sorry I can’t credit any of the street artists as they are unknown to me

Looking for love

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Sometimes we all perch looking for love

Beached minds meeting calm waves as land slips away

Single grain of sand like a pixel makes up our image unseen

Out there somewhere love rides the tides

Perching like a gull awaiting awaiting 


Snap & poem by Mitch Hicks


Jazz on a sunset beach

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Snapped on English Bay Beach ~ Vancouver  ~  Mitch Hicks

Curious Myriad Surface

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This collage snap was inspired by a chance visit into Gallery 223 in Lower Marsh Street Waterloo, to view” Curious One” by Bryan Olson. Then later I was attracted to artwork by Dragica Carlin, showing “A Myriad of Marks” at the Lollipop Gallery in Shoreditch.!artists/ccw1

Snaps taken on the 26th March 2015 by Mitch Hicks

Stuff that caught my eye

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Mehdi Ghadyanloo


Very good advice!!


Surreal Wapping

Snaps by Mitch Hicks


Femme Fierce Much Reloaded

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I went back a few days later to see what was left from Femme Fierce in the Leake Street tunnel.  As expected some defacing had occurred spoiling the artwork from the ladies. The life of street art is very short indeed. I have made some edits myself hoping to add another life in the images painted!!  I call it much reloaded

Enjoy…~ Mitch~



Don’t shoot yourself in the foot

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I shot these boots in a charity shop in Buckingham…. ~ Mitch ~


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