More folks in galleries

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Gallery staff in the Newport Street Gallery, Lambeth, London.

Snapped by Mitch Hicks

Quite an amazzzzzzing digital photo artist!

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Truly amazing what Josephine R. Unglaub, (better known as Lemanshots)  with her camera and digital skilled mind can capture and design. One look at her website will have you spellbound for sure…..

Quite amazzzzzzzzing….. Enjoy.…. Mitch

Walking on thin ice

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dscf4344eWhat appears as a picture of tranquillity along the Grand Union Canal in Linslade; is scared with the mindless graffiti tagged onto a towpath litter bin. Talk about walking on thin ice!!!  As much as 99% of graffiti I see is pure mindless vandalism and very distasteful. The 1% that I like and snap are a real pleasure. That’s why I’m more than happy to blog about some of them. This snap was taken in such a way not to bring the graffiti to your attention as the beauty of the landscape and swan dominate the eye. 

Snap and rant by Mitch Hicks

Last call with much love barking out 2016

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I leave you my good friends out from 2016 with these snaps and wish you all a very Happy New Year ahead…..

~ Snaps & best wishes by Mitch Hicks ~

Almost there!

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dscf4946eApproaching the end of a year of a few thousand snaps and with thoughts of the many snaps I have not shown. The artwork of JXC snapped in Leake Street is one I want to share, as it shows so much emotion in such a troubled world. Quite an eventful year of travel for me, but my mind and body deeply feels the pain of decline… Not sure that I  can add much more to this blog anymore. Your support has always been so heartwarming, thanks…

May I wish you all a very happy festive safe and enjoyable countdown to the end of 2016… Quite a year in many ways…….

Snap & comment by Mitch Hicks

STIK needs your help please

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Community street artist STIK a true champion of helping the homeless and the forgotten! Needs just a couple of clicks of your time to undo an injustice of stolen art from the young folks of Gdansk in Poland. Please could you sign the petition to get the mural back from a London gallery…. The story and petition can be found by clicking the link below.

stikneedshelpPhoto of the missing artwork in Gdansk from the petition website

On a lighter note, great news that STIK authenticated a piece of his artwork Magpie, painted on a wooden panel for the Magpie Social Centre during 2009 in Bristol. STIK gave his help in raising £35,000 with the December 8th sale at the Phillps Auction House, London.  The auction guide price went well above the £8,000 – £12,000 estimate and all the money raised (100%) went to the Magpie Social Centre, a charity in need of a new home.

Comments by Mitch Hicks (don’t forget to sign the petition folks)

I’ve been waiting….

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dsc03990bbOrignal sketch looking down from the Village Underground at the King John car park and Shoreditch beyond. Drawn by John Dolan with collages added by other street artists.

dec4Jim Vision (Probs) & Izer painted the epic ” The Attack Of The Moloids”


Snaps taken in the King John car park 3rd Decemember 2016

I’ve been waiting a couple of years to get into the King John car park off Holywell Lane. The car park is now a building site of regeneration. But I took my chance to slip thru a broken barrier fence to snap the remaining artwork left on the walls. Quite a few of the snaps were painted by  local artist Jim Vision. Sorry I can’t credit the other artists… Over the years there have been many murals painted here. Access has always been a problem due to the security car parking gate attendants keeping us snappers out!!

dsc02215Village Underground wall facing the car park snapped in 2013

Snaps & Comment by Mitch Hicks