London 29/08/15 (part 3) Birds to Owls

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I like the way the birds could have flown out of the cage like window painted in Camden by Vanesa Longchamp.


Sticker outside the “Save The Date Cafe” in Abbot Street, Dalston. This is a pay what you want and bring your own booze outdoor garden cafe among the herbs, veg and art all so very bohemian to say the very least!!! Has been called a egaliterian eatery (no I don’t know what that means) But they do cook with food that would have been discarded and thrown away!


Just got there on the last day before they close for a refurb


Sorry to say that I did not have enough time to wait around till lunch time to try the food. But will return that’s for sure in a couple of weeks


Some artwork by Pins & Dscreet caught my eye


The garden hidden from the hussle and bussle in Abbot Street just of Kingsland Road, Dalston, makes this cafe a haven for restful meditation or just a slap up meal that the green party can only dream of!!

Snaps & comment by Mitch Hicks


Update on the intu protest!!

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The protesters just before the riot!!!


The press shooting the mob!!!


Henk the main man kneels for forgiveness!!

The protest was quite fun really and not a security person in sight! 

Snaps and comments by Mitch Hicks

I’m off to this!!!!!

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…Let me share an email I got this weekend with you! Got to go and show my support for sure… Come if you can….. Mitch

Dear Milton Keeners (Friends and Colleagues)

An invitation to attend a “photoshoot” demonstration on Tuesday at 1pm.

The following transpired today OUTSIDE of Midsummer Place today (Friday). I was taking pictures on the Eastern side of Midsummer Place near by the horseshoe turn around road. I was in the city to take photos of one or two other buildings for an exhibition I am working on with Living Archive. As I had the camera with me, and I was going to Barclays Bank, I thought it a good idea to take some photos for the MKCDC New Towns Archive of the buildings around Midsummer Place and specifically the bit intu is planning to change. This for posterity, so that we have a record of it if it does change.

Whilst innocently taking these photos for the archive two burly intu security guards in black suits strolled up and really aggressively challenged me. Conversation went more or less as follows. Security: “What are you doing? Who are you?” Me: “I am taking photos, why?” Security “You are not allowed to take photos of our shopping centre” Me: “Why not, I am not doing anything wrong?” Security: “You have to stop, you are just not allowed to” whilst moving closer. Me: “I am sorry but I am on public land, and I am doing nothing wrong and it is definitely not a restricted government building or secret site” Security: “You might be on public land, but you cannot take photos of our shopping centre” Me: “Surely I can take whatever photos I want to as I am on public land and the shopping centre is a public space. So if I am doing anything wrong then call the police.” Security1 : “It our centre and you cannot” Security2 walks off and mumbles into walkie talkie. Next moment both disappear without a word or an apology.

Two things that really upset me are:-

1. I started out with a very pure motive and then my civil liberties got trampled on; plus my democratic rights and freedom of movement to innocently take touristy photos or gather photographic information were curtailed by a sinister overzealous approach.

2. If I was a tourist I would definitely not want to come back to MK after such and experience. Worst would be if I was an international tourist or academic/professional.

I know that I have quietly voiced my dissatisfaction with the detail of intu plans and their absolute lack of localism; transparency and consideration for MK and its citizens; but now they (intu) have gone too far.

Please join me and other local protestors on Tuesday the 1st of September outside of Midsummer Place (near Gap) with your cameras to “shoot” intu…photoshoot obviously. A peaceful event.

Please invite your friends and other Milton Keeners who might have something to say about the erosion of our civil liberties and lack of localism or local interest by intu.

Kind regards

Henk van Aswegen



Tel W: (01908) 227229

East End Snaps

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Snaps by Mitch Hicks

Not quite Banksy on a rainy day!

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The above snap was taken on 13th  August 2015,  from the artwork of James Oliver I saw on display outside the closed Rise Gallery on a rainy day in Croydon. I was so gutted not to see the Banksy exhibition that was showing in the Rise Gallery that should have been open! Not sure why it was closed on the day of my visit…… But on a plus side I did get to see the funny surreal art of James Oliver screwed onto the outside wall of the gallery. Just what would Claude Monet make of this???? For more info on the art of James Oliver and the Rise Gallery click:

Snaps and comment by Mitch Hicks


Stik……. The big book!

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This must be the street art book of the year………  Stik is maybe the best known street artist alongside  Banksy in England. Now you can have the chance to meet this iconic street artist during his first book signing at Foyles bookshop on Thursday 13th August, from 6.30pm @ 107 Charing Cross Road, London. Over ten years of painting in his unique style. Now read the stories behind the artwork from those undercover days of dodging the law! Enjoy the large glossy photos of this intriguing book. The first edition I’m sure will sell out very quickly and become very collectable indeed…                                                                                                   

You will love it…Mitch  (. .)

Are two heads better than one?

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Snapped from a visit to the “Festival of Nations” in Milton Keynes  on 30th July by Mitch Hicks. I just had to collage this young lady I thought as I headed home…



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